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Hydrocarbon Extraction Techniques for Reducing Environmental Impact

For a long time, there has been a search to implement methods to reduce the environmental impact on the planet caused by the extraction of hydrocarbons. The production process of materials such as oil has a negative effect on the environment, causing great damage to...

Chemical Recycling in the Circular Economy

Chemical Recycling in the Circular Economy Chemical recycling was born as an innovative solution to the shortcomings of mechanical recycling, as it allows for the recycling of a wider variety of plastics that were previously discarded or little used, using new...

Green Chemistry: Generating Efficient Products

Green Chemistry: Generating Efficient ProductsAlso known as sustainable chemistry, it is a model based on modifying chemical processes when designing products with the aim of reducing or directly eradicating the use or formation of environmentally harmful chemical...

The circular economy as a solution to the world’s current situation

The circular economy as a solution to the world's current situationThis is a strategic alternative that aims to reduce waste and to bring new material to the market. In other words, it seeks an ecological solution to two global problems: Environmental Pollution and...

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Incoterms (International Commercial Terms)

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms)

Incoterms (International Commercial Terms)The import and exports between countries carried out every day by companies call for a universal terminology for better understanding. Hence the importance of knowing the international commercial terms known as Incoterms....