Our company has been working for more than three decades in what we know today as a circular economy.



We have been selling pure and regenerated chemicals since 1980, tailoring our service to your specific needs, in order to serve you no matter where you are in the world.

Meanwhile, our team has grown at the same rate as our company. Not only in numbers, but also in service capacity. We have facilities for the recycling, rectification and purification of acids, solvents and fine chemicals.

Every day, we employ measures geared towards a low-carbon economy, promoting resources and recovering waste, out-of-spec products, by-products and expired or disused materials.

In Asia, we’ve launched the 2019-2025 project with the staggered commissioning of seven catalysis plants, where we transform residual plastics and chemical waste into energy products. Our initial capacity in this first phase is 300,000 litres, which we will continue to increase, up to 2,500,000 litres in the final phase.

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Recycled and contaminated chemicals, surpluses, old stocks and similar goods. We can help you optimise the price of your products.

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